Inspired by one of the most wonderful places on the Australian East Coast, the Bayron Bay First Collection, Wild Ocean, will carry you to a new world full of nature, lonely beaches and a lifestyle that you won´t let go.


This First Collection has been created based on the Spanish designs and the last Australian trends. Its name has been chosen to honor our precious oceans respecting and loving them. 


Each model has a different design with a different name but all with a common component: THE OCEAN. 

In this collection we want to show the beaches which have inspired and motivated us in creating our designs

See below our First Collection: Wild Ocean. 


Tamarama Beach is a small beach between two prominent headlands on the Bondi to Coogee Walk with 80 metres of shoreline. It has great surfing conditions but is also prone to strong currents.


Tamarama is affectionately nicknamed 

Glamarama(or Glamourama) by the locals, as it is a beach where ´wannabe´ trend setters come to sunbathe and swim.

We have been inspired by this beach and we decided name this frame as Tamarama due to the glamorous shape of the frame. 

This cat eye style gives off the beaches' elegance, referred ideally worn when spending time on this amazing beach. 

Curl Curl

Curl Curl Beach is located between Dee Why Beach and Freshwater Beach on the Northern Beaches. It is a great place to relax as the beach is mainly frequented by locals, so not all that busy.

Curl Curl is one of Sydney's best surfing beaches. The beach is approximately 1.2 km long and is divided into North Curl Curl and South Curl Curl. The northern part of the beach has a lagoon which flows into the sea.

The name Curl Curl may have been derived from a Dharuk Aboriginal phrase ‘curial curial’, meaning river of life.

This environment full of nature inspires the name for this tortoiseshell frame design. 


Bronte Beach is a small but popular recreational beach in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia.


The beach is popular with surfers and with the non rough surf, less abled swimmers can make enjoy the bogey hole or rock pool towards the southern end of the beach.

Bronte Beach was in fact named after the inspiring military figure Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson, Duke of Bronté.

This beach has a unique Australian style which is reflected in our Bronte frames.


Manly Beach is a beach situated among the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. From north to south, the three main sections are Queenscliff, North Steyne, and South Steyne. It´s a place full of locals and South Africans who love the nature and surf.

The beach was named by Capt. Arthur Philip after the indigenous people living there. Philip wrote that the indigenous people's confidence and manly behaviour made him give the name of Manly Cove to this place.

The surfer and sporty style of this model makes us think about Manly, honoring this pure and natural beach.


Wategos Beach is located 2 km east of the Byron Bay town centre. A peaceful sheltered little beach around the corner from The Pass, it's nestled in under the Byron Bay Lighthouse.

This is a small, protected beach that is a pilgrimage site for surfers and swimmers alike. Lying along the walk from the town to the Lighthouse, this beach is a busy and popular spot for longboard surfers.


Our Wategos frame is one of our most representative designs, which is why we have named it after one of our favorite beaches in Byron.

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