The beginning...

It all started on the morning of 6th May 2018, when I listened a podcast about abundance. This audio is about keys to help people achieve their dreams.

It is said that in life we ​​can only live from two places: from love or from fear, that each decision we make is linked to the result we want, not to escape the result we do not want.

At this moment something changed inside me. I felt an energy and a restlessness that I had not felt before.

From this day I started looking for the goal I wanted to achieve. I was sure that I did not want to continue working in a company and that I had not come to Australia to live like I used to lived in Madrid, but it was so hard to know exactly what I really wanted.

After several weeks thinking about it, I decided to gather all my knowledge that I learnt during my degree and to use them in something that I really liked and that was worthwhile.I decided to start into the world of glasses, I love glasses and I consider they are an indispensable accessory in our day to day, not only at the fashion level, but also, and above all, for health.

So I started to investigate how to create a company, how to find manufacturers, I started to design the frames that I liked better ... but I did not find enough value to dedicate 100% of my time to this project that I did not know if It was going to work or if it was going to stay in one more dream.

Due to the visa and the work I had at that time, everything indicated that I had to make a change in my life and stop. Start from scratch. Again. Therefore, I decided to leave that job and get another that consumed less energy to be able to continue with what I really wanted to achieve.

At the beginning it was not easy, I couldn't find manufacturers willing to work in Australia due to it is too far away. I went to fairs, markets, blogs, internet... until one day I received an email from a manufacturer that could be interesting. After several conversations about what I wanted to do and what my project would be, we decided to start working together. From there we have been working so hard to create this small dream that just started... and today, after lots of working months, here it is our first sunglasses collection.

It´s a collection inspired by the small town of Byron Bay hence the name of the brand, Bayron Bay, although with a small Spanish touch. I wanted to bring a new look to Australia, and what better than Spanish designs with Australian trends. This dreamed country in which surfing, the sea and nature are the main elements.

It is a brand in which we want to show everything is possible, that if you propose and follow your dreams, you can achieve extraordinary things. People are immense and you just have to propose something to get it. Sometimes we are immersed in the routine and we do not allow ourselves to be, stop to think, and reconsider if what we are doing is what we really want. I encourage you to try it.

It has been a year full of effort, distance, many emotions, mixed feelings and desire to conquer the world, but in the end everything comes! Thanks to the people I have around who have helped me to move forward and not give up. And thanks to that one day I decided to turn around myself and come to this wonderful country that has changed my life.

Welcome to this little adventure that has only just begun, and remember: Everything material is first created in the immaterial, in our mind.


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