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As we talked about in the previous post, everything started in May of last year but until February 2019 we did not receive the products and we could not start marketing them until March of this year. Since we didn’t have a website, we started applying to different markets in Sydney. Passing through Palm Beach, Warriewood, Paddignton and Bondi Markets, normally once a week from Friday to Sunday, every weekend since February 24 when we started in Palm Beach.

Palm Beach. February 2019

The truth is that it is an incomparable experience and totally recommendable for all those who want to start an adventure like this. Since we started 3 months ago, we have learned many things related to the product, the customers, the trending products, which are the models that are going to sell the most and which are the ones that will cost a bit more to get them out ... thanks to markets, we have learned to have patience and treat the consumer as if they were ourselves, know what they need in each moment and value all their feedbacks, both positive and negative.

The first times the excitation and uncertainty were the main feeling, but after several weeks we realized that the energy and desire that we transmit is what really "conquer" a person, both at the purchase level and on a personal level.

Our main quote is Make Things Happen, since little by little you get all the things that you propose and in which you focus all your energy. For that reason, and after 2 and a half months we finally opened the website and were able to take our products to our country, Spain! And such an amazing reception! To make something special for the launch, we decided to go to the Madrid Design Market on the weekend in which the Summer Edition was inaugurated in order to show our designs and see the reaction of the people.

Starting again! Excitation, preparations and uncertainty! But finally everything went much better than we expected! The customer reception, the comments, the faces of satisfaction to see the quality of the glasses, both lenses and frames, and the surprise to know the story behind, that our products come from Australia with all the love in the world, transmits all the necessary energy to start our journey in Spain!

Madrid Design Market. Matadero Madrid. May 2019

We know that sunglasses are a complicated product to sell through the internet, but we will do our best to transmit trust and show you that the quality of our sunglasses is incredible! For this reason, and for you to get to know us, we are going to be in several markets this summer: Barcelona, ​​Valencia, and (Pals) Girona, for now!

We just want to thank you all for coming to see us in Madrid, even from Australia! And all of you who are reading us. Every step we take is thanks to you! Thanks for being there! And remember, everything that is created on the physical plane is first created in our thinking.


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