Our story

Bayron Bay arises from an intense desire for change. The restlessness and desire to discover new things make Bayron Bay a new way of looking at life.


With a degree in Business Administration and Management, the founder decided to turn her life around and go to Australia in December 2017 with the aim of discovering another culture and another way of living.


Captivated by this wonderful country, she has been carried away by the Australian lifestyle and has decided to start this adventure.

"Make things happen" is the phrase that has marked her since she arrived and that she uses as an ideal of life.

Everything you propose can be achieved and with Bayron Bay we intend to show that everything you dream can come true.


With its sunglasses designed and inspired by Byron Bay, a coastal village in Australia where life is summarized in living the present and enjoying the now, where everything develops around the sea and nature, Bayron Bay aims to provide a new style, a bohemian spirit that will conquer you and give you a part of Australia wherever you go.


Thank you for trusting in this little adventure that has only just begun.

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