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In Bayron Bay we are slow-fashionistas. 

Slow fashion is about being purposeful and realizing that less is better.

Slow fashion is the deliberate choice to buy better-quality items less often. 


With our models we show timelessness. A concept that transcends the physical laws of the present, past and future.

We try to create designs for all ages and styles, always maintaining our own essence.


Since we consider sight as one of the most precious senses, we prioritize quality above all else.

We use quality materials for frames and for lenses, including CR39, an organic material that replaces glass with a high UV protection and impact resistant alternative.


With Bayron Bay sunglasses we seek to inspire and motivate all those people of our generation who are stuck in a lifestyle where they are not happy and fulfilled. We need to get out of the routine, stop and think, that if we strive towards what we want, we can achieve anything

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